How to use this report

A group of people. There is a woman at the front of the group, she is holding a card that says "we".

The National Disability Data Asset Team wrote this report. When you see the word ‘we’, it means the National Disability Data Asset Team.

Easy Read icon.

We wrote this report in an easy to read way.

We use pictures to explain some ideas.

Not bold, bold.

We have written some words in bold.

This means the letters are thicker and darker.

Word list icon.

We explain what these words mean.

You can find out what they mean in the Word list.

Summary icon.

This Easy Read report is a summary of another report.

This means it only includes the most important ideas.

A woman is helping a man read a document.

You can ask for help to read this report. A friend, family member or support person may be able to help you.