Testing different ways of getting data

Montage of two images. The first is a linked data icon, the second is a man showing a woman information on an iPad.

Each test case looked at different ways to:

  • link data
  • use data.

A badge with a star on it and a set of linked data.

This means we can work out how to link data we have now in better ways.

A woman thinking and a document with data on it. Above her is an arrow curving over two triangles.

We faced some challenges when we got different data from each test case.

A computer with data and a question mark on the screen.

One of these challenges was how well our technology worked to:

  • link the data
  • analyse the data – work out what it means.

A computer with lots of data on the screen.

This means we will need to make our technology better so it can handle lots of data.

A woman giving two thumbs up and a thought bubble with people with disability in it.

Using all types of data about people with disability helps us understand all people with disability.

A woman thinking and a thought bubble with a person and a disability icon in it.

Each test case used a different way to tell if someone was a person with disability.

A man pointing at himself and a thumbs up and a badge with a star in it.

This means we could look at the different ways to tell if someone was a person with disability and see what:

  • worked well
  • could be better.