Word list

This list explains what the bold words in this document mean.

A man grabbing a woman.


A crime is when someone:

  • does something bad to someone else
  • breaks the law.

A tick, information icon and a folder with records.


When we talk about data, we mean:

  • facts
  • information
  • records.

A man playing with his son at a playground.

Developmental delay

When a child has a developmental delay, it means they don’t grow or develop how other children their age do.

A school, scroll and government icon.

Education Department

All governments have an Education Department.

Education Departments looks after:

  • government schools
  • some things about non-government schools
  • teaching and learning.

Montage of four images. The first is a police station, the second is two people talking in front of a judge, the third is a law icon, the fourth is someone in jail.

Justice system

The justice system includes:

  • police
  • the courts
  • the law
  • prisons.

A man talking to a therapist.

Mental health services

Mental health services support people with their mental health problems.

A person in handcuffs.


An offender is someone who:

  • does something bad to someone else
  • breaks the law.

A woman holding a clipboard with a disability and important icon, and the word 'Outcomes' on it.


Outcomes are the important results we want to get for people with disability.

A man holding a policy.


A policy is a plan for how we should do things.

A woman raising her hand and a building. Next to the woman is a pair of hands holding up a dollar sign.

Public housing

When someone lives in public housing, they live in a home for people who need support to pay the rent.

A woman looking in her wallet and a calendar with the word Rent on it and a dollar sign.


Rent is the money you pay to live in a home someone else owns.

A group of men reading a document and a document with data on it and a thumbs up.

Test case

A test case is when we:

  • work out how to get good data
  • show why linked data is good.

An upset woman and a police officer.


A victim is someone who experiences a crime.