What is the National Disability Data Asset (NDDA)?

A diverse group of people with disability and a stack of documents with the word 'data' on them.

The NDDA will be a new way to link data about people with disability.

A tick, information icon and a folder with records.

When we talk about data, we mean:

  • facts
  • information
  • records.

The NDDA will get the data from:

A group of people reading a document together.

  • different parts of the government

A survey.

  • surveys we have now.

A woman supporting another woman and a data icon with an arrow curving towards parliament house.

The NDDA will also get data from organisations that:

  • work with people with disability
  • give data to the government.

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The NDDA will help us understand the outcomes for people with disability.

A woman holding a clipboard with a disability and important icon, and the word 'Outcomes' on it.

Outcomes are the important results we want to get for people with disability.

A stack of documents with 'data' on them in a box.

The NDDA is a growing collection of data.

A stack of documents with 'data' and a change icon on them. There is an arrow going from the documents to a stack of calendars.

We will update it with new data over time.